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Let me introduce you to the heartwarming story behind Let's Play Again. From a young age, I had a deep love for toys, but my family's financial situation made it challenging to own the toys I dreamed of, especially a certain iconic space fighter from a beloved movie. It wasn't until years later, browsing on eBay, that I finally acquired that cherished item. It marked the beginning of my journey into collecting, a promise to my wife that I would sell them if necessary, and the realization that toys held a special place in my heart.

Simultaneously, life took another turn when my oldest son was diagnosed with autism, leaving me with many questions. He was non-verbal at the tender age of three. In response, I embarked on a mission to connect with him through building LEGO sets. Day after day, we bonded over those colorful bricks, and today, he stands as a college graduate.

The story of Let's Play Again isn't just about toys; it's a testament to the profound impact they have on a child's development. In the midst of the 2008 recession, I lost my job, and for two years, we relied on the sale of my cherished collection to make ends meet. It became evident that toys weren't just possessions; they held the key to our childhood memories and the emotional bonds we share with them. This realization sparked the birth of Let's Play Again, where we celebrate the magic of toys and the precious moments they create in our lives.

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