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About Us

Toys, Dolls & Collectibles Store in Gresham

Are you looking for the perfect toy or collectible for your child, or maybe a unique gift idea? Let's Play Again with Bricks, Toys, and More LLC is the ...

Explore a World of Unique Items for All Ages

Let's Play Again with Bricks, Toys, and More specializes in selling toys, collectibles, and items for children and adult toy collectors alike. Our team is ...

Creating Smiles With Timeless Classics

We have something for everyone—children and collectors alike. Not only are we a safe, fun, and interesting place to find an interactive experience down ...

Unparalleled Customer Care

Bespoke Service

We listen to the needs of each of the customers that come into the shop, and then we either have the item or help them search for an alternative. If neither happens, we can always point them out to the most probable solution.

Wide Variety of Products

We strive to offer unique, hard-to-find, out-of-production products and vintage items. We have a wide range of products available, from many brands, franchises, genres, sizes, styles, models, and varieties. Our customers have a large selection to browse through and choose from.

Quality Items

With the large selection that we have, we strive to offer quality items. We select, inspect, check, clean, and recover every toy, doll, and item that’s up for sale.