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Utapaun Warrior Star Wars Action Figure from Revenge of the Sith Line NIP

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                                           Utapaun Warrior

                                       Star Wars Action Figure

                                    Revenge of the Sith Line NIP

Defending Utapau from the Clone Wars, the Utapauans Warriors give it all when it comes to safeguard their planet. Be part of the Utapaun Security Forces with this Utapaun Warrior Action Figure from the Revenge Of the Sith toy line by Hasbro. This Figure is BNIP, Factory Sealed. 

This Action Figure Features The Utapaun Warrior Figure, Shield, Headgear and Energy Staff. This figure is BNIP factory sealed in it's original ROTS backcard, the backcard is in good conditions. It has the ovaloid bubble, a very distinc feature for this toy line.  

A great figure based on a character from the ROTS movie.

This Action Figure comes with small parts, so it is not recomended for children under 4 years old.