Gamma World, a D&D Post-Apocaliptyc Adventure Game

Travel to a new Post Apocaliptyc Age and be ready to enagage in a great RPG game.Wizards of the Coast presents the 4th edition of one of the best earlier games in their repertoire, GAMMA WORLD!!! Gather Friends willing to embark in a Post-Apocaliptyc Campaign into a desolated Wasteland. This is the 4th edition of the popular GAMMA WORLD game, but with fresh look and feel of the game. So come on over and enjoy the Journey!!  The Game is open but the contents are in very good condition with some still in it's factory released conditions. It's a 2-5 player game that offers great game play characters and strategies. TheGamma World, a D&D Post-Apocaliptyc Adventure Game includes:

  • 2 Full Colored DoubleSsided Maps
  • Complete set of Punched out Characters and monsters
  • 4 Character sheets never used
  • Complete set of Alpha and Omega Tech cards (80)
  • 60 Page Instruction Book
  • Playing Dice are sold Separatly, they are not included in this set.

Discover a new RPG game or relieve those good memories playing this exciting RPG game

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