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DISCLAIMER : The "LET'S PLAY AGAIN" LOGO is an intellectual property of Let's PLay Again w/Bricks, Toys and More LLC., aka in this disclaimer notice as "LPA".   USE OF THIRD PARTY TM: Any other LOGOS, TM and Registered Trademarks used and displayed in this website are properties of the correspondent owners and trademark holders. LPA do not intend nor claim to own any of those properties. The use of TM and Registered Trademarks are used to describe and authenticize products sold on this website. PRODUCTS/ITEMS: Each and all products sold on this site were manufactured by the correspondent company and advertised as being made by such. This website is a re-saler of such products and do not own any copyrights to such products nor claim to own such copyrights nor claim to be the manufacturer of such products. All Products sold on this website are advertised as made by third parties and mark each product as made by the manufacturer of such product. This website does not misrepresent nor try to misrepresent or mislead any and all trademark owners, copyright owners, makers and manufacturers by giving false or misleading names or give other company names to similar looking or manufactured products. NEW/ RECOVERED/ PREVIOUSLY OWNED: Any and all products sold on this website are marked appropriately to their actual condition. They are marked as NEW, RECOVERED, PREVIOUSLY OWNED, NEW BUT RECOVERED. This markings identify the condition of each and all products sold on this website. Each mark clearly state if the product is Factory NEW, if the product is PREVIOUSLY OWNED, if the product is NEW BUT RECOVERED. If the Product is mark as NEW, the products condition is  Factory Sealed in it's Factory issue package/container/plastic bubble. It will be noted if the packaging is in Great, Good, Damaged or RECOVERED condition if the condition warrants it. Products acquired from private individuals and were opened and or removed from their original Factory Issued packaging are mark as being PREVIOUSLY OWNED. This products will be marked as RECOVERED, but could be offered in the following conditions: LOOSE and REPACKED. By REPACKED, LPA  claims no ownership of any and all products. REPACKED reffers to Previously Owned products that were repacked by LPA in clear packaging bearing a RECOVERED BY LET'S PLAY AGAIN seal. Each Product will be attributed to the Original Manufacturer. LPA  repacks products to protect them from rough handling and possible breakage/destruction or tampering of such products. Repackaging products is not intended to mislead or misrepresent the product as Factory Sealed or as NEW product. RECOVERED: The term RECOVERED refers to products that are either PREVIOUSLY OWNED that were purchased in a non-saleable condition and were subjected to a process to get them saleable ready condition; as well as NEW products in which the external packaging has been compromised. LPA subjects this damaged products to a RECOVERY process in which LPA attempts to remove/replace the damaged portion of the exterior packaging to it's original shape/size/form. The process does not intend to alter the original appearance and sell it as a different item, but rather attempt to give it the original apperance as when it was FACTORY NEW. The item won't be removed from it's original bindings if they exist. LPA will do it's best not to alter the original package. If the damage is substantial, the recovery will be a bit more intrusibe and the product's description will explain that the products packaging was RECOVERED and how. LPA and this website are re-salers and intend to re-sale original products from original manufacturers. LPA nor this website intend to misrepresent, mislead or knowingly claim to offer products that are made by unauthorised companies and are deemed copyright infrigment. LPA is commited to authenticity and makes all efforts to authenticize all products offered by due diligence.