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COVID -19 Measures

Let's Play Again (LPA) is commited to offer enjoyment and well being to our customers. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, LPA wants to let our customers know that we had always follow a set of step to ensure safe products listed on this website.  LPA acquires all kinds of New and previously owned products. Considering this, LPA strives to acquire high quality items for our costumers enjoyment and refrain from purchasing low quality and avoid recalled from market items. Vintage Collectible items are excempt from this rule as they are usually quite old and certain items had an added value depending on their the vintage look.  Regardless, all items are acquired and curated to offer quality and value to our customers.   First, LPA search and acquires items in acceptable conditions to be processed. Second, each product is inspected and processed according to it's conditions as NEW, Previously Owned and Vintage Collectors.This Process includes cleaning, cosmetic recovery, disinfecting and washing when necessary.   Third, once the process has ended, each item is placed in a container and quarantined for a week before being Recovered and/or listed in the website. Fourth, if needed, the item undergoes a RECOVERY process. Fifht, after the items are ready, they are listed and each item is put away in containers again until sold. And finally, once an item is sold, LPA gives it another clean up and packs it in appropiate shipping containers. All this while LPA keeps a clean and healthy enviroment for it's customers and staff to ensure safety and well being.