Captain Kidd Pirate Ship Model Kit By Lindberg 1/130

Sail off to the seven seas building an exciting new Model Kit by Lindberg. Piece together this great Captain Kidd Pirate Ship Model Kit By Lindberg 1/130. Many excellent and intricate details for this scale. From detailed deck, Bow and Galleries, to thee cannon compartments and sail patterns. The skill level for this Model is rated L2, as it requires cutting sanding and gluing the parts toghether along with painting this model to give it a more individualized touch. It's recomended for a bit more experienced builders for it's many and complicated parts and design. This is a brand new item. The pieces has not been punch out or snap off. This Captain Kidd Pirate Ship Model Kit comes with the following:

  • Pirate Ship Model Kit By Lindberg 1/130
  • Easy to Follow Instructions
  • Detailed Scale Figures
  • Detailer Rigging Blocks and Cannons
  • Intricate Molded Ratline
  • Authentic Colorful Pirate Markings
  • Molded Billowing Sails
  • 14 inch long total model lenght
  • Glue,Colors and other tools are sold separately. THEY ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS KIT.

Great for Birthdays, Christmas or just a random gift. 

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