AT-TE Tank Gunner

                                       Star Wars Action Figure

                                    Revenge of the Sith Line NIP

Deploy the troops and be ready to defenf the Republic from the Separatist Droid Army with the AT-TE Tank Gunner Action Figure from the Revenge Of the Sith toy line by Hasbro. This Figure is BNIP, Factory Sealed. 

This Action Figure Features an AT-TE Tank Gunner Clone with Armor, regulation DC-15A Blaster Carabine,a  DC-17 hand blaster. This Action figure comes with two helmets; one standar helmet, and one heavy shielded helmet for manning the main gun of the AT-TE. This figure comes BNIP factory sealed in it's original ROTS backcard, the backcard is in good conditions. It has the ovaloid bubble, a very distinc feature for this toy line.  

A great figure based on a character from the ROTS movie.

This Action Figure comes with small parts, so it is not recomended for children under 4 years old. 

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