ARC Trooper Clone Wars Animated Series

                                       Star Wars Action Figure

                                    From The Clone Wars Toy Line NIP

During the Clone Wars, many units were created for different missions. One of these units was the Advance Recon Commando Troopers, aka ARC Troopers. These clone troopers were elite fighters; chosen as they demostrated being key elements during the war. in 2003, Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network joined forces to bring the first Clone Wars TV Show with the Clone Wars Animated Series spanning 3 seasons. A short series of episodes where key characters of the Star Wars universe were featured. Own one of the elite ARC Troopers Featured in this series. This Figure is BNIP, Factory Sealed. 

This Figure Featuresa Battle Ready ARC Trooper with twin Blasters and ARC specific armor and gear. This figure is BNIP factory sealed in it's original LINE backcard, the backcard is in good conditions. It has a clear bubble, rectangular with rounded ends on the longitude side, a very distinc feature for this toy line.  

A great figure based on a Star Wars Clone Wars Animated Series character.

This Action Figure comes with small parts, so it is not recomended for children under 4 years old. 

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