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     Follow the Energon  energy signature and discover more than the eyes can see. Prepare to be transported to a world where giant sentient robots inhabit and had waged a thousand year old conflict!! Chose the benevolent Autobots as they are ready to defend all lifeforms in the universe against their enemies. Or seek to rule alongside the Decepticons as they seek to take over as Overlords of the universe.  Follow Optimus Prime or battle with Megatron or any of the myriad of characters that populate this awesome universe!!!

   Searching for a missing figure or looking for a new favorite?? Browse or large inventory of New, Recovered, Project Transformers Action Figures from past and present. We carry NIP items from many series and lines, Loose recovered Figures ranging from vintage, modern and recent series. We also carry accessories to Action Figures as well as Project Figures for the budding collector.